Festival of Lights Photo Contest

Celebrate the Festival of Lights from November 11th – 15th

What is the Festival of Lights?
What is Rangoli?
Rangoli Samples
Contest Rules
Key Dates

What is the Festival of Lights?

The Diwali Festival of Lights celebration marks the empowerment of your heart to connect to the divine world. It unites everyone near and far and instills feelings of zest, hope, and the spirit of goodness.

The way of celebrating the Festival of Lights has changed over time and now is celebrated all over the world. People of all age groups participate in this festival, and celebrate by decorating the houses, lighting earthen lamps and creating original rangoli designs.

What is Rangoli?

Rangoli‘ is a Sanskrit word, signifying a creative expression of art by means of colors. In ancient times, beautiful rangoli patterns and designs were made on the entrances of Indian homes for beautifying them and welcoming the guests. The Indian scriptures and Hindu mythological literature works can be attributed for the emergence of this creative Rangoli art.

Besides a creative expression of art, they were also considered a symbol of good-luck. Although rangoli is made on many occasions in India, the Diwali Festival of Lights features the greatest use of rangoli. People usually make various types of geometrical patterns and designs between which they place oil lamps (diyas). Lighting earthen lamps signifies the victory of good over the evil within oneself.

The formation of an ideal rangoli art demands the attentive use of vibrant rangoli colors on a properly broomed and cleaned floor. Rangolis are simple two-dimensional designs, however they can be very elaborate. Freehand use of vivid colored powders is made while making a rangoli. The most common way of making a rangoli is to pinch the thumb and the forefinger and let the color to freely run out from the gap.

Rangoli was one of the major decorations or embellishments in the ancient times, but they have not lost their charm even in the modern context. These traditional embellishments are still used in India on various festivals and special occasions like marriages, birth ceremonies, and such.

Below are some examples of Rangoli creations. Now create one of your own and send it to us.

Rangoli Samples

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Contest Rules

  1. Contestants must live in Valley Ranch.
  2. Entries are limited to one entry per email address.
  3. Contestants must be 18 years of age or older as of November 11th, 2012.
  4. Contestants must email one and only one digital photo of their own creation from this year by contacting us between Sunday, November 11th, and Friday, November 16th, noon.  Be sure to include your name, address and phone number in the email.  Your information will not be shared in the contest.  We will only use this information to contact the winners.
  5. Voting will start on Saturday, November 17th and run through Monday, November 19th.
  6. Voting is open to anyone with an internet connection.  This includes people that do not live in Valley Ranch.
  7. Voting will only be done online.  You can only vote once per computer.
  8. After the voting ends, if there is a tie, someone from the Valley Ranch special events committee will pick the winner.  All decisions about the winners of this contest are final.
  9. If we have less than 10 contestants, only a single prize of $150 will be awarded.
  11. Board members and CCMC staff of the Valley Ranch Association are not eligible to enter.


  • First Place: $150
  • Second Place: $100
  • Third Place: $50

Key Dates

  • Festival of Lights November 11th – 15th
  • Submit your original Rangoli photos November 11th – 16th noon
  • Voting November 17th – 19th
  • Winners will be selected, notified, and posted here on November 20th



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